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You can now make online bookings anytime and anywhere! Hire your equipment NOW!
You can now make online bookings anytime and anywhere! Hire your equipment NOW!
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Hire all your equipment from Able Hire now and get the job done!


Able Hire is a leading supplier of modern, reliable equipment to the NSW Construction Industry, Engineering and Building Construction, Maintenance, Mining, Resources, Manufacturing, Government and Events. We also carry wide range of suitable products for DIY and Home renovation projects.

From small tools to large machinery, we offer everything needed to keep even the biggest construction project moving.

With over 25 years of serving the construction industry, Able Hire offers more than just equipment. We are also happy to consult and advise on the right equipment that will get your job done safely, quickly and for the lowest possible cost.


Featured Products And Equipment To Rent

  • Mulcher is ideal for larger mulching scenarios. Chips logs and branches up to 80 mm whilst the mulching hopper takes the leaves and smaller materials. The chipper hopper has built in anti- kick back. The CMS80T exceeds ADR and can be legally towed anywhere in Australia at a maximum speed of 80km/h. The CMS80 comes standard with a 45mm perforated screen and an optional 6mm, 9mm, 30mm screen for small material and a 62mm screen for larger material.

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  • This 4 - stroke blower vac is perfect for the removal of leaves and other debris as well as vacuuming in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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  • Single-axle trailer provides room for rubbish removal, furniture removal and transport of equipment such as mini loaders on site with ease.

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  • Hose 2 Go Water pressure water supply unit ideal for dust suppression and as a portable water supply tool. Popularly used in the construction industry for the use in cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete.

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  • The Mosmatic surface cleaner for cold and hot water application reaches peak performance without any maintenance. One of the most popular popular flat surface cleaner on the market. This powerful surface cleaner unit is ideal for cleaning gas stations, parking lots, school yards, driveways, concrete walls etc.

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  • Although only small in stature, this Skid Steer Loader "bobcat" is able to withstand very large loads, and has the capability to lift well above ground level and manoeuvre in tight spaces. 

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  • This electric/manual lifter is the most compact lift in its class. CM340 is powerful, unique and small hoist which only requires one person to operate and saves your time and resources (turns 3 man job into a single person job).

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  • iLoad is highly functional commercial vehicle that you can rely upon to get the job done. Efficient transport of mattresses, white goods and other delicate items without the hassle of vehicle height restrictions.

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Why Rent-It from Able Hire?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Different rates depending on how long you want to hire it
  • Wide range of products available to hire and get the job done
  • Quick and easy online ordering or by e-mail or phone
  • All tools fully tested & serviced before each hire
  • Sydney wide delivery available
  • Over 25 years of experience and local building knowledge
  • Be able to consult and advice you of the best options to hire